The Davis Strait

Whilst many Canadians pride themselves on their northern hardiness, only a minute fraction of the population live within the country's northern two thirds of latitude. The Canadian Arctic is a place still far on the periphery of the country's cognizance and hence, the landscapes, people and cultures and just as revered as they are trivialized. Dis-similarly, the communities of Western Greenland, laying in the same latitudinal zones are quickly becoming hot spots for tourism and the far-reaching social progressiveness of Scandinavia permeates economics as living standards. However, nonchalant hunting and conservation stances in this area have seen all but the decimation of local ursine populations. The combination of these phenomena makes for a startling variation in socioeconomic and ecological standards across the two countries and within the region. The worlds of Baffin Island and Greenland, whilst separated only by the Davis Strait, seem worlds apart.