Hoda Afshar Q&A

Melbourne-based, Iranian-born artist Hoda Afshar has won the 2018 Bowness photography prize with her portrait of Behrouz Boochani - an Iranian Kurdish detainee on Manus Island. In this Q&A with the artist, we explore the makings of her controversial portrait and unpack the role photography is playing in addressing Australia’s refugee policy.

Trent Mitchell - Australia, Seriously

In this interview with the artist, we take a look at photographer Trent Mitchell’s ongoing body of work. Mitchell’s fetishization of Australian vernacular plays out in the series’ absurdity, referencing Parke heavily. Furthermore, we question what it is to diagnose the “quintessential Australian experience”, especially in the face of such political fluidity - another facet tied heavily to Parke.

Tamara Dean - Josephine Ulrick & Win Schubert

Celebrated Australian photographer, Tamara Dean has won the $25,000 acquisitive Josephine Ulrick & Win Schubert Photography Award with her photograph, “Sacred Lotus In Autumn”. We speak with the photographer about what it means to win this prize and what it means to have her long term body of work, “In Our Nature” recognized in such a fashion.

Instagram Just Deleted Jeff Mermelstein’s Account. And Then Reinstated It.

This week, the wider photographic community was temporarily stunned as Instagram deleted photographer Jeff Mermelstein’s account and then reinstated it all within a period of 48 hours.. The prolific street shooter had become known for a recent body of work surrounding dialogue captured on smart phones within his street scenes - which most likely served as the catalyst for the account’s deletion. Here, we speak with Mermelstein about the event and how this is symptomatic of both the public’s perception of art as well as the vices of security culture.

Trent Parke on ‘Home’

At many times during his career, Trent Parke - arguably Australia’s most talented photographic export of all time - has stated his disinterest in pointing his lens outside of his home country. Many years on and the photographer has stayed true to his word, recently producing a series on the Magnum website exploring his home of Adelaide (https://www.magnumphotos.com/arts-culture/architecture/trent-parke-twilight-portraits/). Here, we examine Parke’s work as a vastly personal pursuit and in some ways anomalous among the works of other Magnum members.

James Brickwood’s Images of Australian Subculture

Sydney Morning Herald photographer and member of the prestigious Australian photo collective, Oculi, James Brickwood’s fascination with Australian subcultures has formed the basis of much of his photographic work. Recently, the photographer has turned his attention to the punk-influenced underground scenes of Sydney and Melbourne. https://www.instagram.com/p/Bo2Zgj4huwj/?taken-by=jamesbrickwood

KABK and the New Wave of Photojournalism

Max Pinckers recently diagnosed that the monolithic photo agency Magnum are “really in a struggle with this idea that they are a mythical, very classical place for photojournalism and now they are trying to redefine themselves”. Similarly, the classical notion of reportage is also being undermined by Donald Weber who has pronounced the need to “deinstitutionalize photography”. Now heading the Royal Academy of Art’s Masters program in the Hague, Weber is being given the opportunity to radically redetermine the future of photojournalistic practice. We spoke with Weber about his approach to teaching this ethos and take the opportunity to showcase work from this year’s graduates from KABK.