Australian, b. 1988

Sam is a photographer, naturalist, expedition guide, writer and conservationist based between Sydney, Australia and British Columbia, Canada.

Since graduating from the Queensland College of Art with a degree in photojournalism, Sam has focused extensively on issues of ecology and conservation, most notably in Antarctica and the Southern Ocean and often culminating in a photographic exploration of the fringes between so-called humanity and wilderness.

In 2013, Sam documented the race to stop whaling in the Ross Sea, in 2014, he explored issues of culture and identity among refugees in Southern Sweden and in 2015 & '16 worked with NGOs in Canada to successfully prompt the ban of grizzly bear trophy hunting throughout British Columbia.

This work has been recognized by a string of awards and publications including National Geographic, Canadian Geographic, a first place in the International Conservation Photography Awards and as a finalist in the ANZANG Nature Photographer award.

Sam now splits his time between his home of Sydney, his new home of Canada and the Antarctic Peninsula. He is presently a contributing writer for Australian Photography Magazine, Capture Magazine and Photo Life Magazine.